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Do I have to pay any fee to use the system?  --> top
The service is free. There are no costs involved in booking with us.
How do I search for availability?  --> top
We offer you three systems to help you find the type of accommodations that best meets your needs:
  1. The first enables you the hotel search engine, entering the desired characteristics (hotel class, duration of stay, number of persons, city or town). When you click on the search button a list of available accommodations meeting your search parameters will be displayed. Once you see the list, you can visit the hotel pages by clicking on its name, or by clicking on the booking button.
  2. The second consists of visiting hotel pages directly by selecting them from the list divided by class that is present in the portal. Click on the name and you will be sent to the hotel pages, where you will find descriptions, photos of the building and of the rooms. You can check for room availability and make your reservation from the booking menu.
  3. The third consists of choosing the hotel directly from the map (when present), clicking on it according to the most convenient location for your stay.
What does “booking” mean?  --> top
You can book when the hotel is available: these bookings are automatically and instantly confirmed and sent directly to the chosen hotel. The hotel is solely responsible for both the prices shown and the real availability given.
How do I book?  --> top
  1. Enter the arrival and departure dates in the home page, remembering that the departure date does not refer to the last night, enter the number of rooms and number of persons per room; then click on “Find”;
  2. the program will then check availability according to the information given on dates and rooms. A new page will list all available hotels;
  3. select the hotel you prefer by clicking on the “book” link beside the available room chosen. The total price of the rooms for the entire stay will be displayed. Click on “book” to continue;
  4. a new window will then open where you will be asked to enter your data. Once all the mandatory fields in the form are filled in (the ones marked with an asterisk “*”) and after entering any comments you may wish to add in the comments field, you will be asked to accept the regulation on privacy and personal data processing. Click on the “continue” button to accept and proceed;
  5. if all the fields have been correctly filled in, the program will display a summary of the details of your request. Proceed to book by clicking on “book”;
  6. the booking confirmation will be given both online and via an email sent to the address entered in the form mentioned in part 4). Should you not receive that email confirmation, please contact us as soon as possible: help@unitravel.com
What does the price include?  --> top
The price shown is the cost of the entire stay. Prices shown in the hotel rates page refer to the cost of a room per night. The prices displayed in the portal after an availability search refer to the total cost of rooms for the entire stay. In general prices may include service and taxes; breakfast and any other services are specified by the hotels. What is included in the price is in any case listed both in the hotel website in the “rates” page, and before and after the booking confirmation.
What is the cancellation policy?  --> top
It is the date within which it is still possible to cancel a booking without incurring penalties. Each hotel independently sets a cancellation expiry date and related penalty. This cancellation policy is available for viewing at the hotel website and is located in the “rates” page, before the booking confirmation and in the email you will be sent. Please read these sales policies and related penalties carefully in case of no-show or late cancellation. We do not charge any fees in case of booking cancellation.
How long does it take to receive a response to my booking?  --> top
The booking confirmation is given INSTANTLY because room availability is constantly updated in the system. In any case each individual hotel is solely responsible for everything concerning booking management through the system. When hotels join the network, they undertake to constantly update their data on room availability.
How does the hotel contact me?  --> top
Via email, at the address you entered when you booked through the system. This is why it is important to enter the correct email address and make sure that mailbox can receive messages. Many providers limit available space in email boxes, deleting messages in excess of the assigned space, or in some cases anti-virus systems eliminate attachments.
Would it be possible for you staff to book for me?  --> top
Yes. You can call the 800- 182509 free toll number from anywhere in Italy or dial +39 041 8620400 from abroad to book by phone. Make sure to have an email address and a valid credit card on hand before making the call.
How can I contact a hotel?  --> top
The booking request form contains a field available for comments where you can write notes, comments and special requests to the chosen hotel. When the booking is completed, you will receive an email containing all the information about the hotel you booked, including the telephone number.
How do I modify or cancel a reservation?  --> top
To modify or cancel a booking all you have to do is go online and enter the portal, click on [Manage your booking], enter the Booking Code and Password assigned by the system at the end of the booking process. The system will display the booking details and you could view or cancel your reservation. If you need to change your reservation you shall call +39 041 8620400 or send an email to help@unitravel.com; the service is available from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. CET.
Cancellations  --> top
All you have to do to cancel a booking is to go online and enter the portal, select menu [Manage your booking], enter the Booking Code and Password assigned by the system at the end of the booking process. The system will display the booking date, number and status. By clicking on the booking code and you can view the details and cancel the booking. No charges are made for cancellations made within the cancellation policy expiry period notified by the hotel before and after the booking confirmation.
Safety/Privacy  --> top
The information requested during registration is necessary for the us and the hotel to manage the booking request. All information is strictly confidential and shall be transmitted via an encrypted channel that ensures privacy (along with the privacy policy statement you accepted during the reservation process). We always care about security and we use protected channels using thawte SSL Certificates to transmit your credit card data.

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